Where can I find SWAMP?

Our home base is VUB campus Etterbeek. You can usually find us somewhere in our room X5004 or around classroom 1G020, unless specified otherwise on our Facebook.

What kind of events does SWAMP organise?

Weekly game nights on monday (even when exams are coming!), monthly RPG-nights, initiations of new and older games, a yearly weekend for members, movie nights, tournaments, cantusses, doop (‘baptism’), and  trips to SPIEL, MtG pre-releases… Keep an eye out for the events on our Facebook page and group!

Most played games?

Magic the Gathering, Cards against Humanity, Secret Hitler, Exploding Kittens, classics like Catan and Ticket to Ride, but also not-so-well-known and Kickstarter games, such as Woosh, Survive the game and Swordcrafters.

Becoming and being a member

Who can become a member?

Everyone! SWAMP focusses on students, with its home base at the VUB, but non-VUB-students are certainly welcome, as well as ex-students.

You can become a member for €5 a year. In the statutes, you’ll see there is a difference between ‘sympathiserende leden’ and ‘effectieve leden’, but more about these and other legal stuff about SWAMP, can be found on the ‘statutes’ page.

Oh god, what is this ‘doop’ thing?!

SWAMP baptises their first-year member, like many Belgian student societies, in the end of October/beginning of November. This event is called ‘doop’. Don’t worry, this is not a cult thing, or a dirty or naked thing like in some other student societies. SWAMP has its own concept for doop, and organises a LARP or megagame on which all members, and of course especially first-year members, are invite to join and play!

Don’t want to get baptised?

No problem, you are very welcome at SWAMP!

As a non-baptised member, you are welcome at every  SWAMP event.
However, there are some legal things you cannot do. You cannot vote at our General Meeting, cannot carry power of attorney of a member and cannot join the main board. More about this can be found in the statutes.


Want to collaborate for an event?

SWAMP has done many collaborations with student societies and organisations in the past, and is open to all new ideas! Send the board a message at least 2 weeks before the event, and we’ll invite you on one of our board meetings to discuss details.

In for a collaboration? Let us know via a board member, or send an email to swamp@vub.ac.be.

Want to rent games for an event?

SWAMP has quite a collection of board- and cardgames. We often get questions about renting some of these. We rent out part of our collection, on some conditions.
We ask a guarantee of €50, because game material is expensive and delicate.
Besides the guarantee, we ask a rent of €5 or 10 per game.

An overview of which games we rent out and what rent we ask for them, can be sent to you if you send an email to swamp@vub.ac.be.